Vineyard Site Evaluation

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National Resources Conservation Service
Resource Description: The purpose and passion for conservation is shared among many. It is shared between NRCS employees and partners who help people help the land. And it is shared by the landowners with whom we work. Our passion is manifested through the benefits derived from stewardship of private lands—benefits we all enjoy, such as cleaner water and air, improved soils and abundant wildlife habitat.

NRCS Data Mart
Resource Description: The Soil Data Mart allows you to:
  • Determine where soil tabular and spatial data is available.
  • Download data for one soil survey area at a time. (Download requests for more than one survey area at a time can be submitted through the Geospatial Data Gateway. Going through the Geospatial Data Gateway also provides the option to obtain data on CD or DVD.)
  • Download a template Microsoft Access® database for working with downloaded data.
  • Generate a variety of reports for one soil survey area at a time.
  • Find out who to contact for information about soil data for a particular state.
  • Subscribe or unsubscribe to a soil survey area. A person who is subscribed will automatically be notified whenever data for that soil survey area is updated. You must register and login before doing this.

Cornell Cooperative Extension
Cornell Cooperative Extension is a key outreach system of Cornell University with a strong public mission and an extensive local presence that is responsive to needs in New York communities.

Links to Additional Information and Resources on Vineyard Site Selection

Site selection information web sites

Information on Vinifera varieties for NY and the Northeast

General information on site selection, grape varieties, and grape production practices
Information on grape varieties and the Cornell Grape Breeding program
Cornell Grape Resources Site
Lake Erie Regional Cooperative Extension Grape Program
Finger Lakes Regional Cooperative Extension Grape Program
Eastern NY Cooperative Extension Regional Fruit Program
Viticulture - Long Island Cooperative Extension Program
NY Statewide Viticulture Extension Leader   Contact Tim Martinson:
For Soil and Tissue Sample Analyses Contact the nearest regional grape or fruit Cooperative Extension office listed above.
Finding a local NRCS soils specialist:

Soils Information from the National Resources Conservation Service.
Part of USDA the NRCS deals with all aspects of soil and conservation,
such as soil surveys.

To find a local NRCS specialist: (click on state, then county)

NRCS Soil Data Access online to access a wealth of soil data:

To work with the digital soil survey: or (an easier-to-use format)

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