Vineyard Site Evaluation

How to use this site

This website is best viewed using Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher.

The Educational Info tab has useful information pertinent to growing grapes and establishing a vineyard in New York State.

The Resources tab provides links to other sites dedicated to the grape growing industry.

The Data Layers tab is a map interface built on Microsoft Virtual Earth.

Moving around the map window

Moving around map

Map Control Toolbar:

Moving around map

  1. Zoom out
  2. Zoom in
  3. Pan
  4. 2D view
  5. 3D view (requires small software installation)
  6. Road base map
  7. Aerial photography base map
  8. Hybrid base map
  9. Bird’s Eye View

Pan and zoom using the tools or by simply using your mouse.
  •      Mouse Controls:
  •            Double click zooms in
  •            Scroll Wheel up zooms in
  •            Scroll Wheel down zooms out
  •            Click and hold to pan

Change the Base Map

Change base map

Click on one of the Base Map Option tools at the top of the map window to change the base map to display Roads, Aerial Photos, or a Hybrid combination of roads and photos.

Bird’s Eye Photos:
When zoomed in far enough the Bird’s eye option will become available. Click this option to see spectacular aerial photos of the area. Data Layers cannot be viewed on the Bird’s eye imagery.

Data Layers

Data Layers

There are several data layers you can turn on and off by clicking in the box next to the data layer in the Map Contents window.
The Climate layers show climate data for all of New York State.
The rest of the data layers are organized by grape growing region.
To see the data layers in a region, click the + sign to the left of the region.
Similarly, to hide the data layers in a region click the – sign to the left of the region.
Only one layer can be checked on at a time.
When a data layer is turned on, a legend will appear at the bottom of the map for that data layer.

Change Layer Transparency
     Click the slider on the %Layer Transparency bar at the top of the map window.
     Turn a layer on.
     If a layer is already turned on, then turn it off and back on again to see changes in transparency.

Get specific information about a point

Point Info

Click on the Point Information Tool above the map window.
Click on the desired point on the map to generate a report for that point.
     It generally takes 1-2 minutes to generate the report, if it takes longer than that then a server may be down. The report will eventually finish and list any information it was able to retrieve.
Once a report is generated, it may be downloaded to a Microsoft Excel file by clicking on the Extract Report button under the Report window.
     Allow Pop Ups if prompted
Choose Save to download file to excel.
     Change the file name to something meaningful.

NOTE: The excel file will have a URL/hyperlink at the top that is a hyperlink to the Vineyard Site Evaluation website. The URL will open the Data Layers tab with the map centered on the point that was used to generate the report.
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